The Player Promise

The Player's Guide to Fair Play


“I recognize that tennis is a sport

that places the responsibility of

fair play on me.

I promise to abide by the rules of

the game, which require me to

give the benefit of the doubt

to my opponent.

At all times I shall strive to compete with the

true spirit of sportsmanship,

recognizing that my behavior

on the court is a direct reflection

of my character.

Whether this match ends with my

victory or defeat, I promise to

conduct myself in a way that

honors my opponents, my team,

those who support me, and

the game of tennis.”

Tennis is a self-officiated sport. With few exceptions, players are required to keep their own scores, call their own lines and respectfully resolve any differences that may arise. The foundation of this system is mutual respect. In other words, players should not act in ways that may harm their opponent. This means giving them the benefit of the doubt. Not only should they be given the benefit of the doubt on their own calls, but more importantly, they should be given the benefit of any doubt about your own calls. Without such respect, the system does not work. It must be remembered that it takes two players to have a good match and that, often, a great match has nothing to do with the score.


To support the highest standards of sportsmanship, we encourage you to let us know whenever you see acts of good sportsmanship. Whether it's a grand gesture or something small like letting a ball go uncalled on a big point because the player simply wasn't sure. We want to know and we'll post the stories here.

Sportsmanship Stories

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